Get a load of these.

You won’t find us just sitting around!
Constant change, a storm 
of hypotheses, along with the solidity of 
reasoning on what is feasible, in the most 
practical and functional way possible. At first, 
everything is mixed together; then it is rearranged, into a new form. 
Always and in any case 
in marvellous, magnificent form.
«il lavoro di gruppo è essenziale.
ti permette sempre di dare la colpa a qualcun altro»
arthur bloch, ottava regola di finagle
Brado Factory is a philosophy which everyone in the company contributes to: the beating heart of internal operations, the focal point of research into materials and state-of-the-art solutions, the driver behind new concepts for the future world of seating.
What’s more, Brado Factory supports Clients looking to manufacture personalised products: through a dynamic and ongoing partnership, it proposes, suggests (or simply supports) the ideas necessary to achieve the final result.
In this partnership, Brado Factory contributes in a way that is completely flexible: partially (if the Client has their own designer) or fully (with creative and then technical-manufacturing assistance), guaranteeing a mix of tailor-made measures.
«Ora la cosa più importante è il lavoro di squadra.
Il che significa: fate tutto quello che dico»
Dal film galline in fuga